Vol. 19 No. 4 (2022): Journal of Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation (JNDE), December 2022
Research Papers

Principles for Successful Deployment of NDE 4.0

Ripi Singh
Inspiring Next, Cromwell, CT, USA
Ramon Salvador Fernandez
Fercon Research S.C, Zapopan, Mexico
Johannes Vrana
Vrana GmbH and RIVK gGmbH, Munich, Germany

Published 25-11-2022


  • Industry 4.0,
  • Digitalization,
  • Inspection reliability,
  • Digital Transformation,
  • Roadmap,
  • Value Creation,
  • Innovation
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Singh, R. ., Fernandez, R. S. ., & Vrana, J. . (2022). Principles for Successful Deployment of NDE 4.0. Journal of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (JNDE), 19(4), 28–34. Retrieved from https://jnde.isnt.in/index.php/JNDE/article/view/21


Digital Transformation is at the heart of the current industrial revolution, and it won’t spare the non-destructive evaluation (NDE) sector. It is changing the value proposition of inspection processes from ‘an undesirable quality check’ to a ‘much-needed source of data, information, and knowledge’ from manufacturing to service life maintenance.  Non-destructive assessment has changed significantly from the early days of ‘enhancing human senses’ to ‘equipment that can assess the condition’ and remotely support sustainment decisions. The current trends in cyber-physical technologies offer new possibilities wherein the inspectors will be able to see the anomaly on a digital twin before it can be detected on conventional NDE equipment, by fusing data from multiple sources and leveraging the history captured in digital threads.  To convert such a possibility into reality, organizations need to embark on a journey where the endpoint is not very clear. This puts a set of guiding principles, a compass, at the heart of execution to make correct choices, help prioritize processes, and minimize the possibility of conflict.

This paper provides a structured model of twelve principles in three synergistic perspectives with a responsible foundation. They are designed to serve as a guide to meaningful development, deployment, and leveraging of the next generation of inspection systems, as well as creating, capturing, and distributing value from the data they generate.


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