Vol. 20 No. 4 (2023): Journal of Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation (JNDE), Dec 2023
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Adopting a Universal File Format for the Nondestructive Testing and Examination Industry

Published 07-12-2023


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E. Peloquin, & J. Habermehl. (2023). Adopting a Universal File Format for the Nondestructive Testing and Examination Industry. Journal of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (JNDE), 20(4), 51–53. Retrieved from https://jnde.isnt.in/index.php/JNDE/article/view/65


The NDT industry's transition to NDE 4.0 promises enhanced efficiency through digitalization, but it faces a significant bottleneck— the numerous incompatible file formats used by our equipment manufacturers. This article advocates the adoption of a universal open file format, namely, the .nde format. Utilizing HDF5 hardware description language, the .nde open file format offers increased data compatibility, accessibility, and archiving benefits, while its use of the JSON structure simplifies file management. In contrast to DICONDE, .nde proves flexible enough to generate DICONDE files, offering greater versatility.

The use of the open HDF5 language enables easy data viewing through multiple API options, facilitating customization to meet specific needs. Importantly, the .nde file format’s autonomy from proprietary software enables independent auditors and regulators to use custom software for unbiased data validation.

The adoption of a universal open file format unlocks numerous possibilities for the NDT industry, including integration into digital twining and inspection data management systems, fostering cooperation and knowledge sharing. It also empowers the industry to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). By standardizing data formats, collaborative AI development and data sharing among equipment manufacturers become feasible, making the AI integration process more efficient.  

While the vision of industry-wide collaboration may seem ambitious, this article contends that the adoption of the .nde open file format is the logical next step in the industry’s digitalization journey. Uniting key players to make all equipment compatible with .nde holds the promise of unleashing the industry's true potential and accelerating progress in the era of NDE 4.0.


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